Morning MakeUp Call

Daytime Dramatic Eye Look on Sharon with Blush and Bronzer Technique by: Darais

Alot of us have very similar concerns and questions when it comes to our makeup for everyday. Sharon was a sweetheart to share with us some of her top questions. Together we came up with a solution for the right amount, the right product, and application tips to make getting ready in the morning worth it. This is a great look for all of you to try. We had a blast with Bronzer and Blush and in the video explain how to choose the best blush shade for you. Also application of Bronzer. The eyes are simple and fun, LONG LASTING, and created a great dramatic day look using very little product. Something anyone can do in 5-10 minutes in the morning if you have the time. Trust us… makeup is a powerful influence to use in your everyday routine. Here is the simple and sexy Sharon and I. Sharon you brought up two great questions at the end of the video… questions I get asked almost every day. Thanks for being my beautiful canvas.

“–I’ve learned today that you do not have to fear liquid eye liner. I also learned that choosing the right skin care prep products can make a big difference in the application and staying power of your foundation and blush.” –Sharon



 Product in the Video above to get this look is:

Foundation: Renergie Lift in Dore 15 N

Concealer: Waterproof Effacernes in Dore

Translucent Set Powder in 300

Bronzer: Natural Sunkiss

Blush: Mauve Coquette

Eye Shadows: Cream Luster (lid), Mannequin (crease and lower liner set)

Liners: Black Coffee Khol (lower), Artliner Brown (upper)

Mascara: Cils Booster xl primer, Definicils Black

Brow Pencil: Taupe

Lips, Mars Liner, Rendevous Lipstick, Hallucination Juicy Tube gloss

Brushes: 2(foundation), 100(powder), 6(bronzer and blush), 18 (concealer, lid, and liner), 17(crease)

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