Morning MakeUp Call

Dramatic Eye Tutorial on Beverly… by Darais

One of my favorite things about today was my beautiful Beverly. She had an appointment with my team of artists and I and we were all in awe with her. Her fun self, beautiful attitude, gorgeous skin and eyes were a perfect canvas for us to demonstrate a more dramatic look on eyes while keeping the skin and complexion simple, clean, and flawless! Very little was needed to make sure those eyes got the attention she was looking for!

“–I had an amazing experience today with Darais! I’m always open for new techniques on how to look good and feel good. I learned how to apply eyes, brows, and lips and I want to thank Darais for this great look, and I will take this and input it in my daily regiment! I’m ready to conquer anything and most of all want to share my wonderful experience with my special friends. Thanks Darais” Beverly

Here is our How to Video together… note this dramatic eye look will work on all skin tones light, medium, and dark… just change the eye shadow base concealer to match your skin tone.


Foundation: Absolue Bx liquid in Caramel 410w

Concealer: Bronze IV Effacernes Waterproof

Powder: Dual Finish in Topaz IIII

Blush: Tangerine Tint

Eye Shadows: Pink Zinc (lid), Laced Up (highlight), Madison Avenue (crease), Successorize (crease and lower liner set)

Liner: Black Ebony Khol (lower), Artliner Noir (top)

Brow Pencil: Natural Blonde

Mascara: Cils Booster xl, Osscilation Black

Lips: Amandelle Liner, Cherrywood Luxe Lipstick, Hallucination Juicy Tube Gloss

Brushes: 2(foundation), 8(concealer), 100(powder), 6(blush), 18(lid and liner), 17(crease), 16(deep crease)

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