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KISSABLE LIPS… Darais gets his tips in COSMO Magazine

Morning ladies!!! Who Wants Kissable lips?
Cosmopolitan found me out and asked me what my top tip is for kissing while having lip products on.

Check out up above where it reads about Kissable Lips:
“Lip Liners and marker like stains (our faves are at right) tint lips without the sticky residue. Plus, “they’re budge-proof–perfect for nights when you may be kissing,” says Lancome makeup artist Darais. Use one to fill in your lips, let pigment set for two minutes, then swipe on a clear balm to keep your mouth glossy and plump all night.”

I’m always telling my nieces that the reason why girls where lip gloss is because then when they kiss they stick to the boys!!! After some kind of weary looks they still can’t resist letting me shine up their cute lips!

One of my best friends in Arizona got married on Saturday so I put this to the test while doing her makeup. I knew that Brooke would be doing a lot of kissing so I used Lancome’s Le Lipstique Lip Liner in Natural Mauve. This light pink pencil is waterproof, budge proof, kiss proof, I tell ladies this means they can kiss under water =) ha ha . After filling in the entire lip with the long lasting color I used a clear moisturizing non sticky gloss with a little shimmer just to give plumping hydration and shine without leaving a mess on the groom! Everytime I went to do touch ups I was happy to see the lip pencil still in place and a quick gloss touch up was all that was needed! I love you Brooke so much! xo

My top 5 colors in Le Lipstique by Lancome are:
Natural Mauve
Spiced Apple

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