Morning MakeUp Call

ANTM Cycle 7… Freakshow Circus… My Favorite Episode to work on!

AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL I think is every makeup artists dream to work on. Mostly because every day is extremely creative and so different. Whenever I would work on the show I wouldn’t know what to expect and always would come home loving what I do even more!

Cycle 7 Freak Show Circus was my very favorite episode I got to work. Sutan was the key makeup artist and I learn from him every time I’m with him. Jay Manuel gives amazing advice and knowledge especially when it comes to makeup and I am so glad you like my contoured abs… on Jaeda that is… ha ha. I still love that night at elimination when judge Twiggy couldn’t believe how strong she was and wanted to vote her off the island for being too strong!

I did face and body makeup on Jaeda up above as the Strong Woman. Also for Amanda and Michelle, the Siamese Twins, I did one of the girls… couldn’t tell them apart then but now I can. MakeUp artist Burke Daniel did the other one!
But to start the shoot off I did A.J. first, face and body… My cannibal, and even got to ruff up her man meat with Sutan.
Tyra, thank you so much for having this show…. not only for beautiful models but for us MakeUp Artists as well… LOVE YOU!

Mike Rosenthal you are an amazing photographer to work for… Hope to again soon!

VIDEO OF THE FINISHED PHOTOS!!! complete with scary clown music…

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