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Alexis de Milo — A Complete Photo Shoot by Darais

Lets go inside my sketch book of ideas and look at my photo shoot concept I had for my niece Alexis Nicole for her 15th Birthday.

I find myself weekly recording all the creative things that come to me within my sketch book. When I see a color, a shape, a trend, it gets me thinking faster than I can paint and sketch and I find myself coming up with concept pages for photo shoots in my above book of Darais. In conversation with my dad this last week we came to the conclusion that art and technique can be trained and taught… however creativity can not. It comes to me easily, one of my gifts, and if I don’t put it down in my sketch book above I think it would be forgotten and not executed. One of my favorite Statues, Venus de Milo, has always caught my eye. Her beauty and strength to withstand limbless this long is a great symbol to behold. Alexis Nicole, my niece now 15 is this statuesque strength in spirit, in friendship, in family, and in dance and education. She is so beautiful to me.      Alexis de Milo / Venus de Milo

Being part Greek and a lover of art I found a way to combine both my love and Alexis’ love.

Once I had my main concept on page I found my mind working to come up with the details.

Next was painting the costume and shoes…. and painting my model Alexis

With my black sheets hung, my camera charged and Alexis’ hair and makeup drying by the fire we were ready to shoot!

Here are some of the shots we got before taking off some limbs

Now it’s time to loose some limbs Alexis!!

Instead of using a saw (lol) I used black fabric to make the limbs dissapear into the backdrop.

Now that you have been a part of what goes on in my creative mind from beginning to end… I hope you enjoy the Beauty Art and Outcome of ALEXIS de MILO by Darais

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