Morning MakeUp Call

DIRTY BUBBLES Photo Shoot with Photographer E Leon Myers, fashion by Jerell Scott, makeup by: Darais

My Favorite Photo shoot to date has to be this one with Photographer E Leon Myers. We came up with the concept together and with his amazing team and us collaborating the set was made and the bubble machines bought! So glad we got to shoot Jerell Scott’s line of clothes! He is my favorite designer. My Model was Bella, BEAUTIFUL and Brazilian! My brother had just gotten back from 2 years in Brazil and came to the shoot and got to speak to Bella in Portuguese! Glad he got to come see me work!

I was able to change the makeup with each outfit. I took inspiration for lip colors from the fashion and the colors found within the fabrics and or accessories!

Ieven got to do nails for the first time! Not bad for a beginner!

All Face and body makeup used was all Lancome! I wanted to challenge myself and see if as an Artist, I could truly make it work. Like here this lip is Black Ebony Eye Liner with Mercury Rising Red Lip glosson top… Bella said it wasn’t the best tasting!

This lip was Black Lapiseye Liner with eye shadows Montage and Fashion Forward to set the center.

As the photo shoot went on and more and more bubbles were blown…my model got more and more dirty! SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL… You can see why this is and will probably forever be my favorite photo shoot! And I got to be a kid with bubbles and dirt all day too!

Here are some shots I got with my own camera!

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