Morning MakeUp Call


At this point in my career I was involved daily in painting faces. My canvas was talking back and I was exploring new looks over and over. The only frustration was my canvas would walk away and out the door and I could no longer enjoy the masterpieces I created.  This also would leave no opportunity to study my work and see what worked well… and what I could have done differently. I decided to start working with photographers to do some High Fashion Shoots and also Editorial.

One of the first That I got to work with was E. Leon Myers. His work is fresh and ideas endless. I’m always amazed when we get together to have a photo shoot and how every ones involvement is intertwined into creative art work! And finally I can see what works, what doesn’t, and also what needs to be photo shopped!

The first shoot up above I used sharp angles when it came to eye liner, lashes, and shapes on the eyes and face. It worked well with the wardrobe and gave a lot of Chaplin character. I used these lashes a lot in store and this was the first time I used them on the lower lash line. I feel it gave it the sharpness that I was going for in the shoot!

This photo shoot above I felt like I wasn’t putting on any make up and was nervous that my work wouldn’t show up.  E.Leon wanted a beauty shot that was clean and crisp. Make Up is a lot of fun and I was like many artists who like to do everything possible on a face. I was taught in this shoot that clean works sometimes better and still demands attention.

This photo shoot was also a softer one for me. I focused all on skin and showed off the models beautiful complexion. The colors were left soft and as sheer as possible to define the objects they were on but not over take.
For this last photo shoot I achieved a ghostly mystery from her eyes. I love that heroin chic look that is often done. I just opted to use colors instead of smoke. Purple and Bronze were my color choices and I blended the colors out as far as I could stretch the eyes. I then used bronze glitter and striped the highlights in a way I had never done before.  Those were her track marks I guess! It gave it a lot more dimension and a lot less safety.
I started working with E Leon Myers in 2004 and still to this day enjoy working with him. This is just the first 4 shoots. I will continue to post more on my effort to catch up to 2011. You can find his work on line at or find him on facebook or myspace. He also has a great studio downtown Los Angeles if anyone needs to rent a place for a shoot! Check it out at
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