Morning MakeUp Call


I continued to work with Photographer E Leon Myers whenever my schedule would allow it. With each shoot, the excitement would intensify and then, to get the prints was like getting a shot of adrenaline in my career. All his creativity and hard work is below mixed in with my Make Up.

I actually really enjoy doing Make Up for men. At first I thought I would get bored with it.  It’s a challenge and puts you to the test… to see if you can perfect, and still make it look like there is nothing on them at all. With High Definition it’s more important now, more than ever, to not detect any make up. Men and Woman both share this desire. It’s the illusion of “Natural Beauty” that I get to create which I believe is the biggest trend of them all right now!

In this look I really used complementary color to pop the outfit. I loved using feathers along the lash line in a non symmetrical way to create my own beautiful peacock! I for the most part am known for never using green in the crease. Call me crazy but it’s just one of my annoyances but here and for editorial I didn’t mind it so much!

Another challenge that most Make Up artists face is Make Up for a darker skin tone. This along with a natural non existent Make Up look can turn bad fast. So many foundations, powders and concealers can turn ashy. They can dull the complexion and make it look gray. The photo shoot above is when I met Fashion Designer Jerell Scott and did his Make Up. He appeared later on one of my favorite shows Project Runway season 5. I think that it was this day of shooting that his trust in me as a Make Up artist was formed and I have been able to work with him for his shows and fashion shoots ever since. He is one of my best friends now and I rock his clothes on the Red Carpet as do the Celebrities I work with. His site is

This next photo shoot above was over the top! The dresses were all on loan. Oscar Dresses that Celebrities had their pics on. I remember how careful I had to be not to get any make up on the dresses. I started the Make Up out soft and as the shoot progressed took it up notch after notch. It ended with some picture frames I had taken and wrapped in different designs of fish nets. I put on some extreme make up colors for eyes, blush and lips. Then using the fish net frame pressed it against the Make Up and used my airbrush to apply the foundation. It turned out beautiful to see the intense make up come through in a fish net and lace pattern.

By the end of the year I was in constant search of new things I could glue to the face and use in my shoots. I found this fake snow and Christmas snow flake at an arts and crafts store. I had the model sucking on an ice cube to give it some chill and ended up using this image as my Christmas card that year. Something that almost everyone wouldn’t wear out but I would hope some would dare too… Lady GaGa CALL ME!!!
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