Morning MakeUp Call

Darais doing Bridal Makeup on the TV show Fat Free Fiances

When The E Channel contacted me and told me about a new show they were doing called Fat Free Fiance’s and also a little bit about Courtney and Rick I was so excited to be a part of it! I got to go meet Courtney a week before her and Rick’s Wedding and discuss with her the bridal look she had always dreamed of. We got to know each other at the Long Beach Art Center as she shared with me her accomplishments, her trials, her jokes, her smile, all in such gratitude I left feeling overcome completely. I submerged in my mission to make it the best day I could fort both the beautiful bride… and Rick. Thank you E Network for introducing us and allowing me to be the makeup artist for the wedding.

Many of you know how hard it is to lose a little bit of weight… Courtney and Rick didn’t just lose a little. They lost together 117 lbs in just 12 weeks. Each week they would reach their goal another part of the wedding was rewarded!

I always say to women complaining about their wrinkles… “just gain some weight… it plumps them out!” Courtney I know you would take wrinkles over health struggles any day… You are perfect… and made a perfect bride… Love you both!

When ever I work with a bride I always try to teach them the meaning behind my madness. I don’t do trend at weddings. I don’t want pictures to be dated. I won’t match your eye shadow to your colors!!!! Your dress and hair already do a good job at out dating your pictures sometimes. I keep it classic and elegant. Romantic with a bit of sultry in the eyes. I stay away from bright colors keeping the palette neutrals with plums, mauve’s pale pinks and metallic. Also False Lashes can overtake your entire look and you wont look like yourself in your pics. I used them on Courtney… but kept them very natural. You also don’t want to be uncomfortable with heavy lashes on all day or worry that they might pop off in the middle of the reception. Also make sure you use some of my waterproofing techniques… If you watch in the video below you will see how important that is as the emotions could have easily taken off all of my work on High Definition TV! Thank you Lancome for holding up on Courtney and I… You are amazing!



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