Morning MakeUp Call


The end of 2004 and beginning of 2005 I started traveling with Asia Entertainment Production company. These Vietnamese Celebrities and Singers became good friends of mine and we had a lot of fun traveling together. Washington D.C. and Toronto were my two favorite shows and I don’t think I have ever worked so long or hard, and understood nothing about what was being said, in my life. We would finish the day around 2am and call time would be at 6am every morning. I remember it was my first time to Washington D.C. so I jogged all the sites at 5am before work. 3 hours of sleep each night? I’ll take it!

I learned on this tour the most about high definition and stage make up. Not only did it need to look amazing for the live audience but also for High Definition filming for the DVD’s. Accomplishing this all while trying to explain to the performers that 2 sets of lashes and heavy contour is as far as I can push it for HD! The make up was not just beauty but also creative. Even got to do special effects for the comedy skits. I had a blast and learned so much. Her is some of my work with the singers/actors.

I worked along side Make Up Artists Robyn and Sunny and made a lot of memories.

robyn, sunny, and darais
Thanks Asia Entertainment!
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