Morning MakeUp Call

Here Comes The Bride!!! Bridal Makeup Chat and Contest

The last time I went home to visit my parents I came across their wedding picture. I could gaze at it forever… as I often would as a kid…. and now know why. In constant awe at what these two lovers found in each other, and to create, teach and bring life to me in such love… I owe my whole life to them… The person they have helped me become. (Above) My parents Christopher and Vicki
I find joy in sharing a wedding day with a Bride. They need the most help to calm, to bring peace, to give confidence, to tell them to breath… and not cry their mascara off… As Makeup Artist I sometimes feel more like a therapist to them… It’s all good… as long as what I do still takes their partners breath away when they see each other!

I not only work on Television Weddings, see post:
But also Family weddings as here with both my beautiful Sister in Laws (below).

I meet over a hundred brides to be a year during my events and help them come up with their perfect wedding look. Stay tuned for my top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips.

What I want from ALL of you is your Bridal Photo!!! Send it to
and I will post it on here… Don’t be embarrassed if your look was trendy, you did it yourself, it all got cried off, or you just plain looked like you got married in Vegas! I’m not going to judge you… What I will do is give away 2 lucky girls who participate a free mascara!!!
I also want to read your comments posted below if you have any Bridal Makeup Questions or Funny stories or experiences!
I can’t wait to start to post your photos!!!! xo


Grandparents Alex and Norma Darais






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