Morning MakeUp Call

EMMA ROBERTS… My Beautiful Canvas

EMMA ROBERTS…talented and beautiful, and I met on her Super Sweet 16th birthday! Emma shares her birthday with the #1 Luxury brand mascara… Lancome’s Definicils. When my PR team planned a sweet 16 party at the Social Night Club in Hollywood I was glad to attend and also get Emma all glamoured up for her party… however I felt extremely old at this point to be hanging and dancing with a whole lot of 15 and 16 year olds! I had a blast!

No foundation was needed. It’s hard for me to put any foundation on a 16 year old, especially
one that takes good care of her skin and doesn’t use her pillow at night as a makeup remover. Emma told me that her aunt Julia Roberts was someone she admired when it came to Beauty. Julia has been known for her use of tinted moisturizers and now the new Teint Miracle by Lancome. Over at Emma’s house before the party I had a lot of fun talking about makeup, skincare, and some of my stories as I applied a tinted moisturizer and Dual Finish powder! I softly sculpted her eyes and cheeks using mostly bronzer and a little blush, even on the eyes, and then used dark brown eye liner and set it with a brown shadow for an all night dance proof wear! Mascara? Ha ha …what else is there? Definicils in Black of coarse!

Emma ready for her close up and for the night to begin… someone kissed her cheek right before this which I quickly fixed! It wasn’t me… thats not my shade of pink!

The list of friends that came to celebrate was amazing. I needed my niece Lexie there to tell me who everyone was… The cast of Nancy Drew was there and a lot of Disney and Nickelodeon kids! One that I had heard of, and had fun doing touch ups with were sisters and singers AJ and Aly. I don’t think Aly had any more room in her bag for more lip gloss! I made sure she got one in every flavor and color.

One of the best parts of the night was the photo booth! I know that the shot below looks like I pushed Emma out after the 2nd photo but the truth was she fell out… and that’s what I’m sticking too! Emma, you are beautiful, fun, and amazing on camera! Thanks for sharing this day with me! Love you!
Shortly after the event BEAUTY FASHION did this great write up on the event. I was greatful to be their “Makeup Artist of the Month”!

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