Morning MakeUp Call

Jill Wagner my Beautiful Canvas for summer 09 Transformers Premiere and ESPY Awards

Each and every time I get to paint Jill Wagner’s face I realize more and more how gorgeous she is… And I’m not just saying that because she is my best friend. For the Transformers Premiere in Los Angeles I did a soft sculpted smokey eye in soft grey and bronze. I love mixing warm and cool metals together next to each other to throw off a color scheme. It just seems to pop and have more complimentary this way. Below is Jill on the Red Carpet looking HOT!!!For the ESPY Awards I did a much softer look on the eyes but used a liquid liner for her top lash. It gave a dreamy yet more dense look to those romantic eyes and believe it worked… She met her now Boyfriend this day!!!

I also got to do our friend Laura’s makeup for the Award show. So Beautiful you two! I made the skin glow by over bronzing the contours and then blasting them with strong skin highlights. My favorite thing to use for highlight is Filigree eye shadow and Absolue Face powder in Peche and Golden. Both by Lancome

My Girl Jill Wagner on the Red Carpet at the ESPY’s!!! Jill… meet Eddie!!! =love

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