Morning MakeUp Call

KIM STEWART …My Beautiful Canvas… Part 2

I continued to work with Kim Stewart and Caroline D’ Amore for Red Carpet Events, Modeling, and Fashion Week through out 2005. My favorite time was doing Kim’s makeup in her car while she drove to her event. Stop lights are just enough time to apply eye lashes we learned and cup holders make a great place to hold brushes!!!

It wasn’t long until my work was showing up in magazines with Kim. Here are a couple that I saved.

make up artist burke daniel, caroline, and darais

caroline and darais

kim and darais

kim and darais

caroline, kim, and paris

kim stewart


sean and kim

bentley and kim


paris and kim

Thanks Kim for letting me paint your face and also your friends. You always gave me creative freedom and I feel you always looked beautiful. I learned a lot about red carpet make up from practice with you… oh and thanks for paying for some of my bills for two years! You ROCK!!!

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