Morning MakeUp Call

Margo Harshman… My Beautiful and Crazy Canvas for Comic Con Sorority Row 09

Great Morning Everyone… I wanted to share with you the morning I met the amazing personality called Margo Harshman. I first saw her work in Greys Anatomy and was glad that she was the first girl in my makeup chair at Comic Con 09. She was in a supporting role for the horror movie Sorority Row. Margo has had many roles in numerous TV shows and film.

She woke me up with her bright whit and out there energy… even more than my coffee. I had a blast meeting the cast of Sorority Row. Margo you stood out to me… not just cause of my makeup. I ended up perfecting her skin with minimal foundation and powder. Used my subtle plastic cheek look and for those beautiful pure blue eyes, I used complimentary color for eye shadows in peaches and oranges to make them even more blue!!!

You make me laugh out loud really! Love you Margo!



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