Morning MakeUp Call

P!NK STUPID GIRLS… or are they orange?

Stupid Girls is one of my favorite music video’s to date and not just because I got to be one of the MakeUp artists on the video. I don’t think that I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I don’t know how we ever got to say, “That’s a Wrap!”

Billy B, key makeup artist for P!NK, called me in to help him with the Airbrushing of Pink, to turn her orange, for the mystic tan part of the video. I remember it was a week before her wedding and she told me over and over that she couldn’t be stained orange for her wedding. I made sure to stay until the end and scrub her down with baby oil over and over again just to make sure of it. Hope you liked the free massage Pink! Thanks for all the cupcakes! Can’t believe you woke up at 4am to make all of them. You ROCK every ones world!

The very talented Makeup Artist Billy B. I have learned so much from you on set, in masterclasses, and in store. Also I hope you learned a little from me from my airbrush lesson.
He had Tom Perez there for the shoot as an assistant who is a great friend that used to work at MAC Pro with me as well. Nathan Hamilton was also a MakeUp artist there for the shoot! I have a post about Nathan.

This video was nominated for “BEST MAKEUP” at the VMA’s… and it was all because of this guy…
Billy B

The Album

Pictures from the Video


THANK YOU P!NK! Director DAVE MEYERS, and BILLY B. You 3 are an inspiration!
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