Morning MakeUp Call

ROSE McGOWAN… My Beautiful Canvas… By Darais

One of my favorite girls ever is Rose McGowan. In March 08 she was attending P. S. Arts Bag Lunch… a charity that Lancome is involved in that puts Art back into the Public Schools. I have loved Rose long before her acting working under the great Quinton Taratino. His films are some of my favorite. Her fair beauty is one I have always admired. She knows exactly what she makes her look her best and has such a great knowledge about cosmetics. We both share the same belief that concealer makes someone look older… also powder under the eyes! I loved going to her home and painting her face for this event.

I kept her look extremely simple and polished. Her skin is so fair she was surprised I had a shade to match her… I used the lightest cool shade Lancome made in Color Ideal Foundation and used no powder to set it. Her eye shadows where variations of soft skin tones and her top liner was a Black Coffee Kohl liner set with a deep Brown shadow with an angle brush to give a softer alternative to a liquid.

I had just returned from Hawaii with a great tan… Thanks Rose for making me look even darker! You are gorgeous and I love every time I work with you.

At the event I was able to spend time with some of my favorite girls! Kristen Davis, Kerry Washington, and Lori Laughlin. We talked makeup… I gave Kristen her annual Spring Fling Juicy Tube… and soaked my feet in the fountain with Kerry! Also was able to have one of my freelance artist paint Lori’s face for the event. Maria… She looked great! I will never forget running around making people dizzy with Kristen as we scrambled for the best Lancome filled hand bag to purchase for charity… Anything that puts art back into the public schools is worth it! Thanks everyone for the amazing event!


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