Morning MakeUp Call

Saffron Burrows… My Beautiful Canvas

People often ask me who is the most beautiful Celebrity I have worked on. Saffron Burrows would be in my top 5.
I found my mind in high speed, as I would stare at her perfect big eyes as to what I could do with them. Then in frustration be diverted by her check bones that sat high up on her beautiful oval face shape. Next her perfectly wide lips took over my thought process and I sat there scratching my head trying to figure out what to focus on first while in her Los Angeles flat. She thankfully gave me time to think about it over cheese and olives and crackers as I got to know her first before getting her ready for an event.
She was in the TV Series, at the time, My Own Worst Enemy. I fell in love with her in Troy first! She really needs very little makeup to show off what power she obtains in her appearance. Pure Ascendancy over others when out, standing 5 foot 11 inches barefoot! WOW!!!! kind of sums up Saffron…. especially wearing heels! Yep…I’m in Love!


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