Morning MakeUp Call

WIPEOUT on ABC… With Host Jill Wagner… my Canvas

darais and jill

When my best friend Jill Wagner booked the hosting job on ABC’s WIPEOUT I knew it wouldn’t be long that I was on set getting in trouble, and getting muddy, with her. In June of 08 I got to do her Makeup and Hair for the show due to her regular artist Mary wasn’t available. I had so much fun… got muddy… and made some memories! Whenever I get the lucky chance to work with the most beautiful Jill I try to bring out how gorgeous she is with as little product as possible. Especially when it’s for a High Definition show like Wipeout. Jill doesn’t need any makeup for me to think of her as gorgeous… Trust me… I’ve woke up several times with her on trips, jumped of waterfalls in Maui, laughed and cried all of her mascara off, and seen her still have a personality and appearance of beauty that is beyond anything that my brush strokes could enhance. What I say you can learn from this… Don’t over do it. Choose what your best features are and play them up in such a subtle way, that no one knows you do it! I love our youtube video we did for my niece Lexie… Check it out! I loved every time I was with you on set!
Thanks Jill for being my Craziest and Best friend I got… I know you just wrapped your last episode of WIPEOUT! I only watched it because of you… and how you would make me laugh… make my family laugh, especially my nephews… and also the world. Don’t fall asleep on me…

…and don’t eat my brains for supper!!!

HA HA HA (evil laugh) xo DARAIS

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