Morning MakeUp Call

Are you in a BLUE Mood? Watch SNL with Miley Cyrus.

I didn’t have enough time to do a video with this look because I got slammed with 8 appointments in one hour but I did manage to get some photos of this beautiful look! I love it, and I love how it makes the Brown eyes have more copper in them. Look at my post Lets Learn Color Theory ABC’s at:
This look can be yours… All you have to do is switch a few of the colors and follow the link on the top right side called: Green Dramatic eye or click here:

Use the same Black Lapis Khol pencil as a base on the lid and on the inside of the eye as well! Set the inside of the eye (water line) with the shadow, The New Black. The new lid color is a brand new single shadow called All Done Up, The crease is Madison Avenue, and the brow highlight is Pink Pearls! All brand new shades and amazing! I brushes 17 and 18 like I always do and also Hypnose Drama Mascara! You can get the same look with our new 5 pan palette in Midnight Rush (see Below middle right) if you want this look in a all in one compact!

Also brand new in store and almost sold out everywhere are the new 5 pan eye shadow palettes by Lancome. Only 48 bucks and it even has your liner shade built in at the bottom! I’m planning on doing more videos with these but you can already watch my video on the taupe crave palette on Nancy at:

Also on my way to work I was talking with good friend and MakeUp artist Denika, She just got back from NY from SNL with Miley! She travels with Miley Cyrus and has been doing her makeup for a while now! SO TALENTED!!!

For the photo shoots Denika layered my favorite Hypnose Drama Mascara that I gave her! Looks Beautiful Denika!

Also for the Disney Nickelodeon skit Denika used the Pink Envy 5 pan palette above and said it turned out so Beautiful!
Miley you were so amazing on SNL! I laughed harder than that time I smoked Salvia!!! lol



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