Morning MakeUp Call

Brooke… How to do a gold and brown eye shadow with a olive green liner… by Darais

Everyone Meet Beautiful Gorgeous Brooke!!! My Beauty of the Week in Newport Beach! Brooke is beautiful both inside and outside and I was so lucky to have her as my canvas for this easy look. Brooke is going to a wedding and is wearing a olive green dress. A lot of you girls don’t know the rules when it comes to doing your makeup to go with a dress! Probably because there are no rules!!! Makeup is fun and it washes off! However, one thing that sticks around forever are photos!!! I wanted to show Brooke today a look that will be trendy in person and go with her dress… but timeless in photos! Here is Brooke with one eye done only!
To get this look the Products used are:
Eye Base: Aquatique Nude
Eye Shadows: 5 pan pallete in Bronze Amour
Eye Liner: Black Coffee Khol Pencil set with Designer eye shadow
Brushes: 18 dual end (lid and liner), 17 blending ( highlight and crease)
Mascara: Hypnose Drama

It looks just as amazing as chapstick with color Brooke! ha… I hope you enjoy it and that it makes you feel as gorgeous as you are! Also I hope that you learned how to use the colors in a more simple way for work! Keep on doing what you are doing… So amazing!

If you are lilke Brooke and feel that a softer more timeless look is for you without all the dramatic colors and trends watch this video and good luck!


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