Morning MakeUp Call

Michele… How to do a Blue and Purple Dramatic Eye by: DARAIS

Everyone Meet My Beauty of the Week, Michele, and Send her lots of LOVE and BEAUTIFUL POSITIVE ENERGY!!! I could see a constant sadness and tear in her eye, and I hope with all my heart that this makeup boost will help. Michele recently lost her husband and father of her 2 kids. Thanks you Beautiful girl for staying strong, smiling occasionally, and being the best mom ever to those beautiful kids of yours! You are a ROCK!!

I wanted to show Michele something she could do at night when she felt like going out… maybe getting away from the kids for a while and just letting her hair down! Sound familiar? All of us need a break and Sometimes it’s just a little bit of color and makeup that can give us the energy and also the excuse to do so! Below is Michele with half of her face completed!

Michele wanted to try color… color is a great way to create a mood! I love that we chose Blue and Purple together to create this soft yet beautifully dramatic look for her gorgeous gold brown eyes! Here is Michele with the complete look… And the slight smile I was hoping to get as well!
To get this look the Products used are:

Eye Base and Concealer: Effacernes Dore

Shadows: Drama (lid), Snap (crease), Gaze (highlight), Succesorize (outer crease and liner)

Eye Pencil: Black Lapis Khol

Brushes 18 dual end (lid and liner), 17 blending (crease and highlight) 100 Minerale (dual finish powder and bronzer), 2 foundation (concealer)

Bronzer: Bronze Solaire

Dual Finish: Matte Wheat II

Mascara: Hypnose Drama

Lip Liner: Sheer Plum

Lip Gloss: Seductively

Thanks Michele… and call me if you ever need a baby sitter and mom isn’t around! I have 8 nieces and nephews and I know what you and also my sisters go through… It isn’t easy… only worth it! xoxo



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