Morning MakeUp Call

Rula… How to do a Dramatic Blue Contoured Eye by: Darais

Everyone meet Rula… my BEAUTY OF THE WEEK, wearing a beautiful and dramatic blue contoured eye! I met Rula down in San Diego, She is going to be a great makeup artist and I was so glad she let me film this look I created for her! I couldn’t wait to show her how BOLD and BEAUTIFUL, yet blended at the same time, some of my favorite Lancome eye shadows were!

Here is Rula with one eye done! Amazing how blue can put you in a mood! Wear this look when you are feeling the need to increase calmness and peace!

Products you will need to get this look:

Brushes: 18 dual end (lid and liner), 17 blending (crease), 16 pencil brush (deep crease), 11 shading (highlight)

Liner: Black Lapis Khol Pencil, Liquid Artliner in Noir

Eye Shadows: All Done Up (lid/liner), Click (crease/liner). It List (deep crease/liner), Filigree (highlight), Personal Style (center lid/liner)

Mascara: Hypnose Drama

Now that both eyes are done on Rula she new to keep the lips soft! She had a great tip that got cut off the video below… sucks… it was, wear A LOT of Makeup! Just remember that if you wear a lot of eye shadow do a really soft lip, and if you wear a bold lip, do a really soft eye! She said otherwise you might start to feel like a drag queen! Don’t be a drag just be a queen!!! ah ha ha… you are fun Rula and I am so glad I got to paint your beautiful eyes blue! My Favorite color!


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