Morning MakeUp Call

Winnie… How to do a nude peach and brown daytime eye…and look like Kate Winslet

Good Morning My Makeup Call Girls!!! I want you all to meet Winnie! Her name is a nick name short for Winslet! LOL Just kidding but when I met her in Tucson Arizona I got a big time flash back to one of the times I was backstage with Kate Winslet and she was about to go on stage to give a speech and I was putting Juicy Tube lip gloss on her beautiful smile… She kept saying, “How Lovely!”
For this beautiful nude daytime look it can easily be achieved with very little product for the eyes. Think skin tone colors mixed with soft browns to create shadows on the contours of the eyes… Then use a soft grey set into the lash line softly to give a sweet simple yet soft lash line look. Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara can then take stage as your eyes look lifted and winged out!

Products used on Winnie’s eyes:
Aquatique Nude Eye Shadow Base
Brush 18 Dual End (lid and liner), 17 Blending (crease)
Eye Shadows Must Have (lid) Waif (crease) Clock Strikes 12 (liner)
Mascara Hypnose Doll Lash So Black
It was a pleasure meeting you (kate’s little sister) 😉 and I am so glad I got to teach you and now even more of you how great a clean simple nude eye looks. Keep on making all you meet smile not only professionally but also with the sweet and “lovely” person that you are. XO


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