Morning MakeUp Call


Now that we can better understand the color of our eyes…even the color in brown eyes, we can now use eye shadows in complementary color. If you wake up in the morning and want to bring out your own eye color the most use this knowledge. By choosing to wear eye shadows that complement your color, you will bring color dominance and the strongest contrast to your own eye color. Your eye color will literally “POP!”

Knowing complementary color now when you shop for eye shadow will help your eyes get more complements! When it comes to different colors of eye shadow on the eyes, remember, color comes in and out of trend. Too much color is a lot of fun but can easily look outdated or not in trend if captured in a picture. I look back at the 70’s and see bright blue everywhere. I look back to the 80’s and see pink! I always say when playing it safe, for an everyday look, or photos the soft colors of eye shadows can be used on most part of the eyes where as the darker more dramatic look best more as an eye liner. In pictures blue /navy and violet/plum liners don’t really look bright making your photos last forever, but keeping you trendy, and eye complementing, in person!

Look Below for your eye color on the left to find its complementary color on the right!

Gray/Light Blue, Medium Blue and Dark Blue eyes your complementary color is Orange. Does that mean Orange eyeshadow only? NO! Orange pigment is found in so many shades of eye shadow. The lighter the blue the lighter the orange or Peach and Salmon colors. Medium Blue look for Golds and Bronzes. Most browns are made with orange pigments as well giving you many options for eye shadows. Dark Blue eyes I love Ambers and Coppers. Also Dark Brown Shadows that have an orange pigment in them.

Light Green and Dark Green eyes your complementary color is Red. Red Eye shadow is super scary so don’t do it. If you have green eyes have you ever noticed how green they look when your eyes are bloodshot? Red pigment makes up so many colors within eye shadows. all shades of Pinks, Mauves, Plums, Roses, Violets, and Oranges all are made with part Red pigment giving you a lot of eye shadows to work with.

Hazel eyes you can follow the complementary color for green eyes to make the green appear stronger, or, follow the brown complementary scheme to bring out either the Yellow/Golds and Orange/Coppers.

Brown eyes your complementary color is either Violet or Blue. If your eyes are Light Brown with lots of Gold and Yellow in them, use Lavendars, Plums, Violets and Crimsons. Dark Violet liner will really make the color pop! Dark Brown eyes with lots of Orange and Copper should be in search of shadows and liners in the Blue colors. Also there are many colors next to blue on the color wheel that are made from Blue pigment.

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