Morning MakeUp Call

Brow Tutorial made easy for Everyone… by Darais

Today was a great day to get some brows on!

Lancome has some of my favorite products for all ages, all skin tones, all brow types! I wanted to show you with my beautiful morningmakeupcall model Flo abovve how to use some of them.¬† Below you will see all the colors. The brow Pencils on the left tend to have more warmth in them… careful if you don’t have warmth in your hair color… These colors can be to warm outside…. If your hair is more on the ashy shade choose either taupe for light or sable for dark. (on the right) The brow gel below comes in clear and other shades to help tame crazy hairs and also cover grey and or highlight and give dimension!
Here is how I teach to do brows. Practice makes perfect!!!

CONTEST TIME!!!! I want to see this in action and hear and see from you your success! Send a picture with one brow done to¬†before May 31st. Check out the prizes belowfor both the winner drawn from a bag and also a prize for the person who referred the winner to the contest… so share this with your friends, facebook, pin it, blog it, tweet it, twork it! lol

The Mascara’s below are from the Oscar night before party that all the Celebrities got for free… I saved a few and they haven’t been opened yet!

The LASH CURLER will be in stores in a couple of months! Be the first to get your lashes on one!!

Participants are:


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