Morning MakeUp Call


Working at the MAC Pro store on Robertson gave me many opportunities that I never would have had anywhere else. One of the first was working under MAC Senior Artist John. I learned so much from him and am thankful that I got to work with him for the first time at the Macy’s Passport Fashion Show. He is still one of the most talented artists I have worked with.

darais and john

John was not only keying the show but also doing MakeUp on Kelly Osbourne who was also walking the runway. It was amazing to meet her and I knew our paths would cross again. I watched John’s demonstration of the look to do on the models and I got to do the complete look on two of them. They turned out fun for my first time!

doing the look on the models

We then took it further and got into some body painting. Something I love to do still to this day! Here I am putting the finishing touches on some of the body art us artists got to get ours hands dirty and sparkly with.

body make up behind stage

I learned so much once released from the everyday make up I was used to doing in store, and got out of the box with Runway MakeUp. This MakeUp would probably never work for an everyday look or even a night out for some. Colors, sure, but make up trends come more now than ever from celebrities and with High Definition out there it has gotten more and more safe! Think of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s… All the MakeUp trends came right from the runway… and now many of you girls are looking back saying…”What was I thinking?”  Laugh it off… and learn from it.

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