Morning MakeUp Call

New Years MakeUp… my Number 1 Look for Eyes!!! All That Glitters

I recently did makeup on Singer Shannon Hunt (Stefi) for a concert and used my favorite eye shoadow on the market. All That Glitters by Lancome is the number 1 selling eye shadow in the industry in the U.S. right now and is my top pick look for tomorrow nights New Years Eve parties!!!! Check out the video of Shannon (Stefi) and I together in my Makeup Studio.  Sorry all you girls in Utah… My Sister and all her friends have bought every All That Glitters Eye Shadow unless they have gotten a shipment in the last week! =)

Colors for the eyes are very similar to the “How to” Video I did on Youtube below. Highlight the brow bone with Filigree Eye Shadow… also the top of the cheeks and inner corner of the eye to make it look like plastic! Crease colors are Chic and Vintage, both Matte colors allowed for easy blending and also so that this look can be worn at any age.

Lid color is ALL THAT GLITTERS!!! packed on with a nylon # 18 brush over a wet waterproof concealer shadow base! Lower liner is Black Ebony Khol Pencil set with It List and Vintage Shadows using the other end of #18 brush. Mascara is Cils Booster xl primer with 1 coat of Hypnose Drama Mascara… The ONLY mascara for night!
Hope all you beauties have an amazing night and a Happy New Year!


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