Morning MakeUp Call


Lancome put together 10 things people don’t know about me for my events… I love how now everyone asks to see my socks! My birthday was March 31st and I wanted to thank everyone in my 32 years of living!!! I love life and I think that one of the biggest reasons why, besides my family, is that I wasn’t scared to follow my passion to paint as a career… So many I talk to are scared to pursue their passion as a career in fear that it will no longer be their passion and just turn into work. I am lucky enough… to be creative enough… to not let that ever happen! Each day for me is another adventure… and another hair style… That should have been one of my top 10! HA!!!! Someone once in a store said that this blog was alot so I could track my many hair styles! Made me smile!

And now you know… xo

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