Morning MakeUp Call

Before Kindergarten

My childhood up to school was full of creativity. My mom was sure of that. My Mom was always helping us with Art projects while doing some of her own. I remember every one of her cakes. As a kid they were magical and the most exciting part of our birthdays. One of my favorite ones she did was of Miss Piggy. I remember my fascination with the eyelashes and big red lips.

Miss Piggy cake

My Mom helped us make life size paper dolls and she even found time in her busy schedule to make us all our own dolls for Christmas.

we thought we could trick people with our paper dolls

my brother, my two sisters, and me Christmas morning

I almost didn’t live long enough to go to school. My dad found me completely blue and not breathing when I was 5 laying on the couch on the warm clothes from the dryer. I remember how warm and white they were. I guess I was headed to a warm white place when my dad gave me CPR until the paramedics got there. I woke up in the hospital next to Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh.

my mom gave me lots of CPR after the fact

thanks dadio for saving my life

I was released from the hospital and lived to start school and paint.

me with my nurse
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