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DARAIS Top 2 Skincare Products!!! With Beauty of the Week Jan telling what Genifique did for her skin in 2 weeks!!!

I wanted to share with all of you my top 2 Skincare Products! Genifique and the new Visionnaire. The most bang for your buck… and also what will get results and compliments extremely fast! I use them both every day and have never been happier with my own skin!

Its no wonder that award winning Genifique was on the Today show this morning as one of the top pics from Shape Magazine for Skincare products that actually work.

And that 1 in 2 women decided to postpone a cosmetic procedure after using Visionnaire after 4 weeks.

I wanted to share with all of you who aren’t on board with their skincare the results and research that went into these two products… the results YOU can expect… and also the results from one of my beauty of the weeks. Jan below summed it up for me in the video.
Jan McKay, Thanks for coming in to see my team and I. Your personal quality of leadership in whatever you do shows, in Beauty, in Business, and in day to day life! Everyone Jan does great Consulting and Outsourcing Solutions for Nonprofit Destinations. You can reach her at:


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