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MY FIRST SCHOOL OF ART! Junior High/High School

With the start of 7th Grade, began a new way of learning. I had my own hour of Art class every day with an Art teacher dedicated to the one subject. My first teacher was Lorna Teeter and her passion for art was easily recognizable by me, to that of my Papa. Each day in class I felt and learned the fundamentals to function in my life. To be expressive, passionate, creative, and artistic.

With each year came new lessons, new media’s, and new learning’s.

I learned that  light rushes to meet dark. Light makes things appear bigger. Dark makes things appear smaller.

white pencil on black paper

scratch board

scratch board

I learned Symmetry, Proportion, Balance, Contour, Highlight, Lighting, Shadowing, and Shading.

when I fell in love with the face with pencil and paper

stamp I carved from rubber. won 1st place in art show

scratch board
Quickly learned Technique, Brush stroke, Texture, Tone, Hue, Transparency, Opaqueness, Shimmer, and Matte.
mixing sand and acrylic

my first watercolor

my first acrylic

wax and dye on fabric batik

mixing ink, glue and acrylic

my favorite was surrealism

I enjoyed art so much I found myself at the end of my sophomore year with every art class completed that my high school had to offer. Lisa Olsen was my high school Art teacher and helped me understand my artistic side and to apply it with every brush stroke. I use all that I learned to this day in my Make Up and painting today.  11th and 12th grade were hard to get through without my set time each day to paint in school. I studied Architecture to keep creative in design.

senior picture
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