Morning MakeUp Call


Lexie’s question:  How do you incorporate Make Up with skins undertones?

Answer:  Lexie, everyone has an undertone of either warm, cool, or neutral. I believe you were neutral when we did your masterclass. Now I always say there are no rules but it is found that if you go with the same colors below, based on your skin’s undertone, that they can look the most flattering on you. If you go opposite sometimes the colors can jump too much or appear to flashy! Here is the undertone breakdown with the colors from my most popular post!!!
Cool= Pinks, Lavenders, Roses, Reds, Pure White, Silvers and Greys. Think Jewel tones.
Warm= Peaches, Yellows, Golds, Oranges, Greens, Coppers, Browns. Think Earthy tones.
Neutral= you are lucky, you can get away pretty much with both!

Lexie’s question: How can you apply eye shadow that is loose powder without it getting on your face or making a mess?
Answer: Good one Lexie!!! Many girls out there have the same frustration as you do. Loose eye shadows or also known as pigment powders can be a huge mess. I love using them though because they can be a lot more fun and dramatic than a regular eye shadow.  They can also have a lot more glitter and sparkle. There are a few things I do that will help. First you want to make sure you are using a nylon or synthetic haired brush. They hold the mica/shimmer better and wont sweep it all over the place like a animal haired brush. Also you can get the brush slightly wet. A wet brush will hold the powder on the brush better, keeping it from falling on the face. When applying the powder to the eye, use a pressing motion, rather than a sweeping  back and forth. I promise it doesn’t fall as much. Next it all depends on the skin. If skin is dry or has no tack to it powder just falls right off. I love using concealer, foundation, or eye shadow base on the eyes first really thin to get the shadows, especially loose ones, to stick. I have also been known to use nude lipstick shades on the eyes first and it makes them stick well. I hope that helps and if all else fails… Do your eyes before you do your complexion… Then if anything falls its easier to clean up and you don’t have to redo all of your foundation and concealer.

Lexie’s question: What is Eye Shadow made out of?  

Answer:  Lexie, eyeshadow is made up of a whole lot of ingredients that most people can’t pronounce. All of these ingredients make up the 3 main ingredients. Powder Base, Mica Pigment, and Powder Binder. Powder Base is made from mostly talc it can come in all colors and is ground really fine. Mica is where the shimmer and texture comes from. An Eye Shadow that is matte has no Mica usually. The Powder Binder is usually sprayed into the powder base and mica which makes the powder stick together and pressable. Lets make some when I come visit!!

Lexie’s question: Why do you have to take off your MakeUp every night?          

Answer: MakeUp usually wont make your skin worse as long as you are taking it off daily. Make sure you cleanse/tone/moisturise am and pm. All make up that you wear during the day will start to form bacteria due to body heat and other natural conditions. GROSS!!! Bacteria causes break outs! I tell all the celebrities that your pillow is not a make up remover…no matter how tired you are!!! While you are sleeping your pores sweat out toxins that your body is trying to get rid of. Make sure to once again Wash/Tone/Moisturise so that they don’t get mixed in with your Morning MakeUp!

My niece Lexie is wearing make up. At 12 it started with brown definicils mascara, 13  was eyeshadow and bronzer, you are almost 14 Lexie… hmmm…. what’s next? I’m pretty sure not as much as in this photo shoot, but remember, we didn’t use any foundation or any black liner or shadow and still got dramatic just like I taught you. I’m starting a side column called LESSONS 4 LEXIE / TIPS 4 TEENS so that putting on make up isn’t so scary… Scary looking! HA!!! You are beautiful Lexie with and without make up. I’m glad you know that first! Keep your questions and your friends questions coming!  I’ll answer another one every week. We will shoot some tutorial footage soon!
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