Morning MakeUp Call


After working on tour with Asia Entertainment I got a lot of practice with the Asian eye. Read one of my first posts (My Very First Make Up Experience).  I love painting them and mainly because they make you think. Brushes don’t follow a deep crease and makes you take control I wanted to share with you my top 10 tips when it comes to doing make up on an Asian Eye!

#1 Layer shadows with the most color or the darkest shades along the lash line working lighter and with less color as you move upward towards the brow bone (A TRUE SMOKEY EYE). This adds the depth that you want to flat eye lids.

#2 Shimmer makes things bigger… matte makes things smaller. Don’t apply shimmer to the brow bone. On an Asian eye this is where they have all the space. Instead use your skin tone color in a matte shade to make it appear smaller. Use the shimmer shades instead on the smaller lids.

#3 Always use a waterproof concealer or eye shadow base. Lids and lashes seem to do a lot of rubbing against each other which can cause your shadows to fade away and smudge.

#4 Use Waterproof Pencils as liner and even set the liners with additional eye shadow to assure longevity and a smudge proof look all day long. Using your liner along the lash line, in darker shadows and colors, will give you fuller looking lashes.

#5 Eye liner along the top lash line should start from the inner corner of the eye thin and get thicker as you get towards the outer corner of the eye. This not only gives a lift to a down turned or mature eye, but makes the eyes look bigger.

#6 If lining the lower lash line use a soft line and don’t forget to go all the way across with the liner fading away at the corners. Its best to have it thickest in the center of the eye. This not only gives more roundness to the eye, but also makes the lashes look fuller. If the liner is stopped in the middle it looks like the lashes stop there too.

#7 Asian eyes are typically brown with a lot of Copper color when you look closer. Use a Dark Blue -Black Eye liner to complement the Orange within the eye color.

#8 Asian eyes tend to have more oil through out the day. Make sure that everything around the eye is set with shadow and face powder to allow an all day neat look. Use a pressing motion with your brush when applying your powder and shadows. It gives it more strength and more oil absorbing ability.

#9 Always curl your upper lashes before mascara and in between coats. This opens your eyes and makes them look wider.

#10 Use a water proof mascara on both upper and lower lashes. With an Asian eye, the lashes tend to rub more often on the skin surrounding the eye. Any oil around the eye will make a non water proof mascara smudge!

Below is one of my clients where I did the eye on the right side only. This was to show how an eye can be lifted, opened, made bigger and wider using very little Make Up!

´╗┐and that’s your Morning Make Up Call brought to you by:
a sponge tip applicator!!!
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