Morning MakeUp Call


#1 Dark skin reflects more light than lighter skin. This doesn’t mean you have more oil, just means that it looks like it. Powder is great to keep you shine free, just don’t over dry your skin with too much powder or go without a Moisturizer because you think you are oilier than you are.

#2 Avoid moisturizers and make up with SPF of higher than 20-30. Darker skin contains more melinin which is a natural sun block. Applying a too high of SPF on a darker skin tone will turn Ultra Violet from the zinc oxide. No one wants to look Purple!!!

#3 Use a WARM (yellow-caramel) foundation or concealer on the center of your face only, to even out under eyes, cheeks, nose and lower forehead. If you use this on the forehead or chin area it can turn dull. Use a second foundation in a deeper color, COOL (Red) tone, to even out the perimeter off the face (fore head, chin, jaw line). This gives you natural contour and all the demension you will ever need. Also Two bottles of Foundation will last you twice as long because you aren’t using as much of each color in the morning.

#4 Set your warm fondation or c0ncealer in your T-zone (center of the face) with a mattifying warm face Powder and carry it around with you through out the day for touch ups. Don’t apply this powder to the chin or forehead. Doing so can turn you ashy.

#5. In the Morning…set your cool foundation (forehead, chin, and jawline) with a red based Bronzer usually used for medium skin tones. It gives a soft glow while the powder helps to control excessive oil.

#6 Blush can look clownish and like to much make up on darker skin. Use a soft amount of Deep Apricot, Rust or Merlot powder, or even lipstick to the apples of the cheeks only and blend a lot! Apply bronzer over the top to have it set the lipstick and look like its coming through the cheeks softly. Don’t bring your blush back to your temples!

#7 Avoid Pinks and Bright Red Shimmering Lipsticks and Glosses. Instead look for caramels, honeys, chocolates, and blackberries for the most flattering look. Remember, glosses and shimmer will make your lips bigger which you might not want. People pay for lips like yours!!!

#8 Brow hairs can be dark already so don’t use black to fill them in. Instead of matching your hair color or the color of your brow hair, try using powders and pencils that are 2 to 3 shades lighter. Everyone is shocked when I show them how good Natural Blonde brow pencil looks on a darker skin tone… it just adds warmth.

#9 When looking for Eye Shadows you are lucky. Intense colors look the best on you and can even be worn for a day look. Avoid shadows and pigments that have a lot of white shimmer mixed in them. Instead use medium and darker Metallics and more intense Colors.

#10 When using Eye liner and Mascara you should always use Black! However I do find that in most dark brown eyes there is some copper or orange in the color of them. Use a Blue Black Liner in Black Lapis to make your brown eyes look more like Copper! Something fun to do when you get sick of using Black all the time! Line the inside of the eye above the lower lashes to really bring the color of your eye out. Set the liner with a black or blue black dark shadow to keep it there all day long.


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